Mustard's Retreat


Thu. 10/18/18


  • Deb's House, Harrisville NH


6 pm



“They made us laugh, made us cry, and most of all, made us think. Not only are these guys very talented, but they are genuine and real. What an experience! ” – Mike McCormick, Songwriter’s Set, Lima OH

“Music to cure what ails you.” – Michigan Times

“fresh, vital, relevant” – Robert Reid, Waterloo Record, ON, 2015


A little known fact, Mustard's Retreat started as a trio, with Libby Glover, back in 1975.  Libby sang with them for a couple of years, including doing guest spots on their first and second recordings. Then she went off and lived various places around the country, (but not New England). David and Michael continued singing together and have had the stellar career they have enjoyed since then.

Libby moved back to Michigan a couple years ago, and the trio picked up where it had left off, with its hallmark three part harmonies, and all the wit and fun of a Mustard’s Retreat show, now ratcheted up a notch by Libby. AND...this will be Libby's first trip to New Hampshire  :-)

They have just released their 14th recording, "Make Your Own Luck" of mostly original songs by Hough & Tamulevich.  Themes from social justice, the Flint Water Crisis (close to their hearts: Libby is from Flint and they perform there frequently), to perspectives on love, old and new, resiliency, and a new kids song (for kids of all ages)...and a quirky look at the Ancestry craze.



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