Garnet Rogers - Toadstool Book Reading then Concert at Deb's House


Wed. 11/30/16 7:00pm


  • Deb's House, Harrisville NH





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Join us for two very special events with one of Monadnock Regions favorite folk singers as he reads from his recently published book about his life on the road as a musician; A story that includes a chapter that will bring back memories for many of us of the legendary Folkway.




Garnet Rogers


The Toadstool Bookshop in Peterborough NH

A book reading from “Night Drive.”

Wednesday, November 30

5pm to 6pm


And then, join us at Deb’s House Concerts

in Chesham for a pot luck dinner and concert.

Pot luck 6pm

Concert 7pm

Tickets: $20 (Suggested)



"So, here it is folks.

Stories about how Stan and I grew up together, discovered music together, and learned to play in a band and travel together. How the songs got written and recorded. What life was like on the road before there was an independent music scene.

And nearly every stupid, inexplicable and bizarre thing that could happen to a pair of young idiots who were naive enough to think they could play folk music for a living back in the mid- 70’s and early 80’s.

The bar fights and the bike gangs, The police chases and the arrests. And a thousand gigs in every corner of North America. It’s all here. At least most of it..."

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